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  Call Category Peak Hours Off-peak Hours Economy Late-Night Offer
On-Net Nu. 0.50/unit Nu.0.40/unit Nu. 0.30/unit Nu. 0.10/unit
Off-Net Nu. 0.70/unit Nu. 0.50/unit Nu. 0.40/unit

(1 unit =15 seconds)
Note : Off-Net refers to calls made from BTL network to other networks within Bhutan, while On-Net calls refers to calls made within the BTL network.

Fixed to Mobile Nu. 3.00/min
Mobile to Fixed Nu. 0.75/unit


SMS Category   TIME RATE
On-Net 12 Midnight –  4 AM Nu. 0.10
On-Net 4  AM – 12 Midnight Nu. 0.45
Off-Net Nu. 0.70
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